Estate Planning Services

Do you own real property and/or other assets in the Philippines? FIL-AM LAWYERS can guide you in finding the best way to ensure your loved ones receive what they are entitled to.

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Estate Administration Services

Did your parents, grandparents, or other loved ones leave you an inheritance? FIL-AM LAWYERS can assist you in the smooth transfer of title under your name.

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Estate Tax Amnesty Help

Did you inherit property in the Philippines without paying the Estate Tax? You can take advantage of an Amnesty Program that can eliminate all past penalties and interests. FIL-AM LAWYERS can help!

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Why We’re Here

The story of a Filipino migrant seeking greener pastures in the land of “milk and honey” is all too familiar. Finding better opportunities is what drives many Filipinos to leave their family and precious assets at home. But with hard work and determination, they succeed to find a better life. Eventually, the entire family is reunited in their new found home ready to live the American dream.

In the meantime, the assets they left behind in the Philippines remained idle and unattended. Not wanting these assets to go to waste, they rely on relatives to act as administrators. Without the proper legal expertise there’s just no assurance that they will do a good job.

Then, there is this question in every property owner’s mind: “What will happen to these properties when I die?”

FIL-AM LAWYERS is here to address these concerns. Our goal is to provide comprehensive legal services in the area of Estates and Trusts specific to assets located in the Philippines.”

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